So today I wanted to keep going in my project, did nothing in the morning had to do market and came back tired (didn't sleep enought last night) so tried to rest (couldn't because had to help in the kitchen with the lunch), had lunch then take a nap, nap evolved to a nice sleep, woke up @1600, got out to deliver a ddr3, came back @1700, wife asked to get burguers for dinner... went to buy dinner, watched a movie (gold) has sex... and now I'm writing this rant'... so coded nothing... now I'm playing bf4 just because fuck it I'm not sitting in my desktop now....

So have you ever wanted to do something in your project and couldn't because external reasons didn't allow you?

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    Sounds like a solid day if you ask me
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    @Nanos that's my motto never is too late... but as you say at some point I have to get charge of the my compromises...
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    Tomorrow is another day full with opportunities @razorz
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    Already tomorrow. 8am and sat in my desktop reading some info before I begin. @Nanos
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    @Nanos I fighting to solve a NPE and can't find the problem. Learn the differences between SessionFactory/Session and EntityManagerFactory/EntityManager. session methods to save or update data (save persist saveOrUpdate). Correct implementation of hibernate and some others stuff.

    But I'm still stuck in my project. Can't find the NPE and still not able to save data in a entity with N:1 annotation...

    A little bit frustrated so I'm visiting my mom.

    I will try later again it's 14:08 here... what time is it for you?
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