Developers :
Work as efficient as possible!

Also developers :
Pressing the arrow up ⬆️ in the terminal 90 times to find a command that could have been manually typed out in 1 sec

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    But I dont want to type out:

    tail -f /var/logs/thisProgram/thisFolder/logs/logsFromToday.log

    Who's got time for that when I know I used that not so long ago.... 10 minutes later 🤦‍♂️fuck it, I'll type it myself.
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    For me it's mostly about reproducibility when smashing that arrow up key: calling consistent commands for various versions of a script when testing
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    I said it before. And I will say it again:
    history | grep [whatever]

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    That's basically a description of me 😁
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    Y'all motherfuckers need reverse-i-search and fzf.
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    @C0D4 And then you inadvertently find the one with the typo in it and it doesn't work
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    I love zsh for that. You type the first few letters and arrowing up only shows you commands that start with that.

    Basically reverse-search on sterioids.
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    Recently discovered ctrl-r, there's no coming back
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    @dmonkey Also:

    hg () {
    if [ $# -ne 1 ]
    history -500
    history -500 | ag "$1"
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    @LinusCDE thank you :)
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    also developers:
    spend 3h to make a script to type the command for all posiblr cases in 0.3 seconds
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    Ctrl+r will be your friend :-)
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    control-R search is much more efficient than typing long sensitive commands.
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    oh-my-zsh fzf autocomplete
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    Well, we all have our weakness and sometimes, I just don't feel like typing severals long lines
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