My boss is in a meeting (davanti a un caffè) with someone who is "a technophile" and "really knows about AI". He was amazed some months ago by the images they were generating using their paid service (right after that, I showed him Bing AI and the conversation ended).
We have discussed using AI previously, and we have been developing web apps for 5 years now.
These are the messages I've been receiving through the last hour and a half and haven't read; I guess it's information he considers will be important when we meet later:

- LLM modelo de lenguaje
- Large language model
- Chat gpt 4O
- Aplication programe interface

This are all things I've mentioned either within the past months, or ieri *itself*, as he mentioned he was meeting this guy.
I'll keep you posted on new messages.
I wonder if that guy says he's a "prompt engineer"...

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    Why bosses seem to love any snake oil salesman who shows up promising the world? At the same time, bosses ignore their own engineers.
    Maybe because we tell bosses that they can't have something impossible, while the sleazy salesman tell them they can lift the moon "with only a small seed investment".

    We should make a LLM that pretends to be a "prompt engineer" and distracts bosses for long enough so that engineers can actually work.

    In @c3r38r170 's case, remember to poison your boss with microwaved instant decaf. Nothing kills enthusiasm more effectively.
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    He came back and immediately said he's gonna "subscribe" to OpenAI. Without even reading the ToS or Privacy Policies, smh.
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    @JsonBoa This says a lot about society.
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    @JsonBoa they assume your expertise is in the old tech, but here we have new tech and a new guy with expertise in it!

    anything bad you say just looks like a dinosaur unwilling to grow with the times. it's just the stereotype bucket that subconsciously gets applied
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    @jestdotty that makes sense. Especially in our field, where "old stuff" is, like, "Blockchain applications", and "ancient tech" is something like "Java".
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