I am not a very big fan of what Microsoft does but this is really helpful.

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    Where's windows?? Can't find windows!!

    Tell me there's more to this, just tell me this is not the complete list of things that got removed!!
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    Such a Microsoft idea. “Here let me just start fucking with your computer and see if you like it”
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    @jAsE thanks for your helpful advice mate, I'm just trying to tell him to install Linux 😄
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    BTW @Aitkotw after I reset my windows , I did install Manjaro Xfce alongside. Dual boot was so difficult to set up on plain arch Linux , so I decided to climb one step at a time and therefore went with Manjaro.
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    @jAsE @arpitbatra see!! I had feeling you'll install Linux sooner or later.
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    BlueJ is cancer. the only reason i use it is because my teacher forces me to do so.
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