Bit of an essay. TLDR: come Monday I'm either getting fired or promoted. And the CTO is a dickhead. If you think you work with me or know who I am, no you don't, shut the hell up.

Was having a discussion with my team, went on for a bit, at one point my manager mentioned that the CTO wanted me to go into the office occasionally, same thing I've had since I joined when they literally wanted me to move hundreds of miles to be close to the office mid covid when the office was closed. I give a nondescript answer. He's a bit more persistent, I snap a little but the conversation moves on. Discussion of company and team dynamics, at one point he makes a comment about people at another company being told if they don't go into the office they won't be eligible for promotion.

I ask everyone else on the call to leave.

I point out that 2 years ago me and him were interviewing candidates. He on a few occasions introduces me to candidates as a _senior_ engineer. My job title does not contain the word senior. I let it slide the first time, not worth it for a slip of the toung. Happens a couple more times, I take him aside and privately point out my job title does not contain the word senior. He says he didn't realise and thought I was.

My take away then: I'm expected to do the work of a senior without being paid for it and without being given the acknowledgement of the appropriate job title. I remind him of this. My job title hasn't changed. Fuck, I took a low ball offer when I joined and have had a minimal pay rise in like, 3 years. My tone is "not happy".

His response? He discussed promoting me with CTO however budged constraints. I somewhat understand, however.

We have promoted several people in the last few years. We have grown by hiring new people in the last few years (5 in a company of 30). There are ways to compensate someone in ways that do not impact day to day budget (shares, TC, total compensation, is normal terminology in the tech field for this). I ask why the hell should I travel a few hundred miles to the office to get get to know people, put effort in to a company that demonstrably doesn't value me? Particularly as all levels of management have completely failed at developing a social atmosphere during covid? My first month, I had 3 5 minute meetings with my manager a week. That was all of the communication I had with people. I literally complained and laid out what they should do instead, they adopted most of it.

I also ask him if he genuinely thinks being here is in my professional interest? My tone has well passed pissed off.

I will say, I actually quite like my manager, we have a good working relationship and I've learned a lot from him.

He makes some mediocre points, tries to give advice about value of shares. To me, the value of shares is zero until they are money. The value to the company, however, is that it's a sizeable chunk on their balance sheet and shares sheet that they have to be willing to justify. If I wanted money, I'd go work at a high frequency trading bank and make 5x what I'm on now. No joke, that's what they pay, I could get a job, came close in the past but went to amazon. He understands.

He says will discuss with CTO. They were on a call for like an hour. His tone has changed to "you will be promoted ASAP, comp may be structured as discussed". Point made.

I'm in this job because it's convenient, is easy for me. Was originally lower challenge than previous, has a range of chances to learn and _that's_ the value to me. He's suitably nervous.

Point made I think.

So given I swore a few times, at least once about the CTO. Interesting to see how it goes.

Message from him to the effect that he spoke to CTO, has been told to write a proposal for promotion (kinda standard), will discuss with HR on Monday as they're on holiday.

So, maybe not getting fired today?

Blood pressure still very high.

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    I think the CTO is a two faced bastard and I threatened to sue him for disability discrimination when I joined. Filed a grievance against him when I joined the company. My complaint was partially upheld by the CEO, the part that wasn't was because I didn't have evidence at the time (I was literally told they couldn't find any evidence in the grievance hearing). I found the evidence during the hearing but didn't bring it up at the time as by the point I'd found it it was pretty clear that everyone involved was going to get a serious kicking. I still have said evidence backed up to personal account because I don't trust them.

    Quite a few policies have been written because of me.

    Mostly to the effect of "don't be an asshole". I assumed that was common sense.

    Genuinely, I like this job because it's low stress and gives me time and mental capacity to work on side projects. That's it. This shit kills that.

    Right now, I have no reason to be in the job. Fucking furious.

    I was in such a good fucking mood yesterday because I've got a project working, it's a tool that would be widely useful and doesn't exist. If it gets used widely, it'd be fucking great for my CV. Even just writing code I can publish is great for my CV, all my work code is proprietary.

    On the upside, they can't fire me without reason and they don't have it. If they try to force me out, imma sue. I already have a bit of grounds for constructive dismissal.
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    i know too many people in a similar situation, it's always bs
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    "To me, the value of shares is zero until they are money"

    Thank you for keeping it 100,000
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    I see nothing to be fired for
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    I would say, look for another job, but there’s a part of me which cannot forget that violence would be the best solution.
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    Also, slapping managers is the only valid reason to move to the office.
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    We want updates!
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    Update: getting promoted (promotion approved, admin pending), meanwhile looking at jobs and I'm insanely underpaid. Like, this job is such a good match for my CV, so much more than I'm currently on and would be really interesting. So gonna apply for a few jobs. Had they left me the fuck alone, they'd be good. I'd be working on my projects and not taking work too seriously. But nooooo, they had to pester...
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    @atheist good for you! Let's hope admin gets through and you get what they promised you. Otherwise, byebye.
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