TLDR boss is an idiot.

Boss has an issue. Sends screenshot, and a one sentence explanation, boss-style (not really clear, but the screenshot helps).
I set to solve it, not a minute passes, the boss os calling.
Explains the issue, i tell him I'm working on it, will msg when done. He explains the problem again, and tells me to hurry. I tell him, sure, let's hang up, give me five minutes, so he starts explaining again, that it's IMPORTANT.

Finally hangs up, it didn't take more than 3 minutes to solve it, msg him, it's done. test it, screenshots for the two parts i solved (of the one he wanted corrected and one where a similar case is still as it's supposed to be, not altered).

He calls me, I start telling him this us what I did, the screenshot.... *Interrups*
This is not what he needed, it's important, IMPORTANT i say, and tells the problem again.
I'm pretty annoyed by now, and just calm fuckoff mood comes over. I practically told him to click the link and see for himself....

if you want to take 10 minutes for something i would explain in 2 sentences, is it really that important....

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    I'd have gotten impatient and angry and told him to shut up and listen.

    But I'm not the nicest person.
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    @Root I usually tell ppl to fuck off, this was a level further, just the cold rage. I did tell him to shut it a few times yesterday (different situation, similar outcome)
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    @Becky !!!
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    @Root sometimes !nice == efficient so... Where's the problem?! 😂😇
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    We should have "Shut the fuck up and listen" buttons that fire sirens and scream this sentence in meeting rooms.
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    "Nice" means agreeable and meek. Neither are productive!
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