Me: I think you should keep your data in a proper database.

Client : Don't try to up sell your products to me. Excel works just fine! Been keeping data in it for years! Wonder why you ever need a database to begin with.

What would you say? Cause I'm speechless.

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    I mean, you building them a database would cost them money. So technically you were advertising your services.

    Still, working with Excel for businesses nowadays... Nah...
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    Honestly, if your client is running a business with few clients (say a hundred, maybe two) then he's right.

    A database would only be cost effective if he was tech savvy which he really doesn't look like.
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    @HeiLian a relatively big company. But under that department everyone have to wait their turn to open the excel file to edit over shared folder. They even worked out a time table for each of their respective active usage hours.
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    @MatanRad yeap... And quoting from them. "We even solved the multi user issues for an excel file. Everyone will just need to stick to a schedule for their active usage hours..." ... I'm speechless for the second time.
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    @helloworld ok now that's something I could use to convince them. Too bad I can't do a double ++
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