Few months ago, I ate so many MBs (just 300+ GBs) in a month that my ISP blocked my connection and sent a worker to check if i was sharing my internet connection with neighbours etc. { They say UNLIMITED downloads when selling packages }
I was so pissed that after restoration I wrote autorun-on-startup powershell which keeps downloading a 100MB file forever just to eat bandwidth.
This month my downloads crossed a TB.
I feel like I've pissed in ISP's face just to show that if I'm not eating TBs every month, it doesn't mean i can't do it.

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    😂 Hahaha I love how petty this is
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    I love it
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    Careful, leave some bandwidth for the rest of us!

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    Careful they could qos your connection and in some places packet shape connection over X amount of GB
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    They also can terminate your contract with regular notice period because they probably aren't legally obliged to accept you as customer.
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    Also it doesn't make sense they could prevent you from letting other people use your internet. It's like saying you can't have any visitors drinking from your tap. Or any light shining out your window.
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    Meanwhile my ISP actually suggest using a Turis Omnia as modem/router and promotes net neutrality. However it's rather a small one, probably most customers work in IT
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    I loved that xD
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    You really pissed them off 😂
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    @xalys @fahad3267 I do around 1.2 - 1.6 TB now, I did more but I don't need to migrate servers that often with my local pc anymore.
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    😂 😂 😂 couldn't help but laugh at this 😂
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    Ha, I've used 100GB this month on my phone alone, I can't imagine how much this router has seen combined!!

    Wait it's probably got stats, lemme check.. not turned on, well it is now, but it's got to be pushing 1TB a month
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    Here I am sitting in USA with a 1 TB Cap on my home internet......
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