I changed my Wi-Fi name to Syntax Error and made some changes to the configuration. I wanted to disable the admin page at the 2.4Ghz connection, but I got kicked out at 5Ghz as well. So I couldn't log in anymore and resetting the router didn't helped.

So I called the ISP if they can restore it to factory settings, but the guy on the phone didn't understand a thing I said. He said to me: "Sir I don't exactly understand what u say, but I can see an Syntax Error. Do you want me to fix it." And I laughed and I laughed.. I told him that's the Wi-Fi name but ofcourse he didn't got the joke. I called again and got someone else on the phone. He's resetting the router in a one minute call.

Had some fun this morning.

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    But you had a syntax error on your wifi, you should have fixed it your self bro 😛😛😛
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    Thats so fucking good xD
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    Y'know... I don't really trust enough ISPs to let them log into my router
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    @exelix the router is from the ISP, so they can 'help remotely' when needed. Next step is to buy one my own. Only problem is they can't help when I fuck up haha.
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    What @jschmold said.

    Also, the idea of an ISP being able to remote-configure your router is kind of scary.
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    @jschmold what can possibly go wrong pressing the reset button haha. I tried it but after the reset the SSID and the password went back to the standard settings, but access to the configuration was denied. So something went obviously wrong.

    The idea that an ISP has remotely control of the router is kind of scary ofcourse. I agree with you. My next step is getting a router my own.
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    @jschmold can I also push the button in Germany? I don't want to travel to Canada!
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    Yeah, its scary but it can be very help full.😂
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    Naming a mobile hotspot "Free WiFi" and configuring a login page showing a trollface image is still the best I had done yet... All the faces were brilliant...
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    @paradonym Good idea, gonna do that
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    @jschmold it would be so unfair, if the ISP has full control of your SSID and not your router though...
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