So this is my first rant. I'm looking for my first junior webdev job and this is what I usually find around my city... Also this company is quite tiny. I don't think I will find anything quite soon :(

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    @Count It actually is, it wasn't a joke :D
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    "Write an 'Hello World!' in every languages and send it to them!"

    Welcome and good luck!
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    They missed Brainfuck
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    Read the top line, we we we we...

    That sounds abit cocky egocentric to me 🤔
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    Lycka till bubben!
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    Something tells me they don't know what they want.
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    Sounds like a good place to run away from.
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    You will learn them all if you are curious!
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    I love "DB Technique"... what the heck do they mean? And: Don't give up, you'll find something :) have you thought about remote work? Showing off your code on GitHub also helps potential employers to see what you can do.
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    I bet they do not offer competitive pay.
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    Just say knowledge though. So even hello world is fine I guess.

    Don't get bother by the bonus credits.
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    A master's degree for a junior web dev job? Hahah
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    Masters degree in IT for a fuckin web position lol yeah ok sounds like you're dodging a bullet OP
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    They should totally add ASM to it.
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    That's just a red flag for that company...

    Oh and you just don't have to fullfill every requirement. That's exaggerated on purpose. Just have to be better then other applicants.
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    Such a fucking stupid job description. Complete bullshit IMHO. 😅
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    Extra credits if you know COBOL? What in the world are they building
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    Thanks everyone for some good words! At least now I know that I'm not alone thinking that this is an utter bs 🤷
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    @vertti a dream, lol
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    @Blowfish yeah man, sounds like if you took this you would be walking into a chaotic situation.
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    And remember this is probably the dev stack as well ... Mashed together
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    What a ridiculous ad! That aside, here's how to read it:

    - A degree in a remotely relevant field
    - Some work experience
    - An object oriented programming language
    - Something front-endish
    - Knowledge of what a DB is

    They're basically telling us they have a few systems, all written by a single developer (per project) and that developer chose the tech stack for that project as they saw fit at the time. Most listed technologies they only briefly looked into and thought they might like to use or learn more about - or not - in the future. So basically, to start with they'll find a place for you in their organisation based on your current knowledge and whenever you're ready to stand on your own two legs, you're free to use whatever tech you like.

    Don't be put off!
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