So I'm learning Vim at the moment... and one thing that bugs me is that the navigation arrows are h,j,k,l.
On the german keyboard layout, when I use the 10-finger-system, my right hand is in this constellation: forefinger on j, middle finger on k, ring finger on l, and little finger on ö.
So wouldn't it be better if the navigation would be j,k,l,ö instead of h,j,k,l?
Or is this different in english keyboard layout?
I'm confused 🤔

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    You might start using hjkl less frequently; you'll learn and use more adequate movements :)
    Just take your time
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    You can remap the keys in your .vimrc file. Check it out.
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    It's the same on American keyboards. I think the reasoning is that you wont need to more backward one character as much as you would need to move up or down a line.
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    In my experience you get used to it quickly.

    You can always remap the controls but then if you ever switch to a different keyboard layout you'd have to remap it again. hjkl are always the same on all layouts I know.
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    in the 70ties before there were seperate arrow keys they printet them on that said keycaps. Since Vi is from the 70ties thats why they kept that layout.
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    I actually save the contents of my .vimrc so I can install it on any system I use. Comes in handy.
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