A couple of months back I got an interview for a junior android devel position. I do not consider myself a junior devel, bt fuck it they paid 78k a year plus benefits and this is for south texas where it ain't thaaat expensive. So i kept my mouth shut and went with it.
The company was glorious, one of those hipsert marketing companies with cool couches and shit and people doing fuckign whatever all over the place and cool tools and desks.

So the initial interview with the hr dept went amazing, real cool guys and very down to earth. Next was the senior android dev.

This dude.

It was to be a phone interview, with a lil coding test. Fine whatevs. But the moment he called i knew shit was going down hill. Dude sounded dead af. Like he could not stand being himself that day. Asked asshole questions that every developer in Android should know that were frankly quite insulting ("what company develops the Android os" kind of deal) but kept my mouth shut and answered as needed.

Then the coding portion. Given a string, find the first position of the first repeated char, so if I had , fuck i dunno "tetas" then t was the first (and only) char repeated and it should have given out 2.
Legit finished it up in less than 6 mins and only because he was making me explain my entire thought process.

He got angry for some reason. Mind you I speak like a hippie, with a melow town and calm voice all the damned time, got that Texas swag going on as well as any good ol' boy from Texas should right?
Well this dude was not having none of that shit that day.

Dude was all like "ok now....why exactly did you do it this way?"

With a VERY condescending tone. And i explained that at first I normally think about solutions in pseudocode, so I wrote that as well...1 min or less. In python. This is after I still had the Java solution on screen with perfectly clean and working Java. I saif that since Python was as close to pseudocode as it gets that I figured i would just write the "pseudocode" in python and then map it to Java with all the required modifications.

"Welk i did not ask you to write it in java, so i dunno why you would even do that to begin with"

That is one of many asshole remarks. The first when I mentioned that I found React Native good for prototyping complex ideas for FUCKING FUN. Passion motherfucker. Shit so fly I do it for fun. "We don't deal with that here so I am not interested in what you can do with that or how would it help me"

Mofocka plz.

Well going back to the python shit. I explain (calmly) that it was just a way that I had to figure details, to think of different implementations. He continues by saying that it takes valuable company time.

Then he proceeds to tell me that he believes that i cheated since i fi ished the java "problem" too fast.
I told him that simple stuff like that should take even less for any senior java dev and that we could run another example if he wanted.
Bring it puto.
But no.

He then said that he still did not understand the need for Python in my solution. I lost it.

"Look man, getting real tired of your tone, i explained already, it is just a mental process, i do this when comming up with solutions, thinking in theory, not languages, helps me bridge the gap between problem and implementation, the solution works, it is efficient and fast and i can do it in 5 diff ways if you wanted, i offered and you said no. Don't really know what else you want"

"All i am saying, i am not going to hire you if you are going to be writing Python for Android, that is useless to me"

Lost it more.

I do sound different when pissed. So I basically told him that he asked for my reasoning behind and it was given, that not getting it was a you problem.

Sooooo did not get the job. Was relieved really. Can't imagine having a twat like that as a lead devel.

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    Sorry for all the mistakes, real late and got a few beers in. When he said "I did not ask yoi to write in in Java so I dunno why you even did that" change Java for Python.
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    Dude, you should be the senior at the co - take this guy's job.

    I'd put together an improved version of their app and show the people from the 1st interview.

    Taking someones lunch is usually a low blow - but if they are both a prick and a cunt, the gloves are off.
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    Hoooow is 78k enough tho? I live in a pretty cheap country but 78 would be pretty.... average here, like for a cashier or some shit.
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    @BindView 78k what? Rupees? In USD 78k is enough to live comfortably and have a good amount left over most places aside from the Bay Area and New York.
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    @rjedlin i totally did not leave out a zero when converting to local currency
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    @AleCx04 duuuuude. Wtf?! That's fucked up on so many levels
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    @kunashe i like that style :P but I do not feel confident enough with being a senior dev just yet :( one day tho!
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    @BindView lol yup. 78,000 is a pretty good ammount in the us. And if they were offering that for a junior position I was really interested in knowing what they had for senior devs :P
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    @rjedlin you know it man. One can definitely get by with 78k in S Texas
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    @CryptoNode lets just say that Mexico is 30 mins from my house on a good day with medium traffic
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    @QueenMorgana it really was :( the guy made me use my outside voice :P i don't like going balls out on people but he made me :( and where have you been?
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    @CryptoNode we might be in the same crappy valley area bro :( i found it online through zip recruiter btw and it wasn't in my city, it was in Austin, big dream of mine moving to Austin. Where I live it ain't bad (Laredo) the people annoy me but the city is fine. My only gripe is that there are no developer jobs where I live. I have one, but it was sooooo hard to find and I had to sacrifice 2 chickens, a goat and a virgin to get it.
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    @CryptoNode such is live in south texas bro :(
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    @AleCx04 dying. SO STRESSED lol
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    What a cunt!
    He's probably also very bad.
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    @Noob i wouldn't doubt it. One of his reasonings behind my "cheating" was that it would have taken him longer to finish the code test. Major wtf that day man.
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    Hahaha that is some dense motherfucker, I bet they don't have unit tests too because it wastes company time
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    @azous more than likely. I despise dense people like thay guy.
    I try to give people a chance y know? Maybe he was just having a very bad day, who knows..
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    Dude, kudos for your patience. Sounds like it would be hell to work for a guy like that.. My current job doesn't pay that well but my boss is a master of his craft and like the calmest most patient guy you could imagine. So I love my job.
    If working for more money meant having to deal with cunts like that, no thank you.
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