One of my friends got his PC dual booted for ₹5000 (≈ 80$).

My take:

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    And you call yourself a FRIEND!!
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    @Aitkotw I think he calls himself the Laziest Friend.

    I am the Laziest Son. Yesterday, let me dad pay 1/5th above price to format the system and install basic softwares.
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    @github and you call yourself a fucking SON, that's insane man!!
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    @Aitkotw Yes. My Lord.
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    @github for someone calling himself lazy, it's quiet astonishing to capitalizing words. xD
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    @Aitkotw well. Truth is bitter.
    And nowadays being is mainstream. 😂
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    @github Dfaq!?!? You're still here!! Better get some rest, your hands must've got tired by commenting too much. xD
    //No offense though
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    @Aitkotw treating them right 😂😂😂
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    @Aitkotw haha. Well. Holidays going on. Got tons of free time.
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    Was that $80 an hour..

    So how many hours did it take. :-)
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    Once I charged a girl $100 to install windows.
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    @marcus5914 I would never charge less to install dangerous malware.
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    For all you techies who abuse and overcharge for services are no different then those bitch as mechanics who overcharge or tamper with your vehicle to get more money because of your ignorance
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    Hey, you'r good with computers, right? Can you check my laptop?
    Alright, it's 25€ (scares all the lazy ones who like to abuse my good will)

    Last time I got a laptop... Said it needed new parts so my friend gave it to me. Found out latter that the DVD driver was going crazy, took it off, it's my dad's laptop now :p
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    BTW I payed 25€ (like 22$) to clearn my computer, put some paste in the core and a new HD.... Was to lazy for that. Guy fucked my DVD-Rom... Don't use DVD's for years anyway.
    BTW what the fuck is with me and DVD roms? almost all the fixes I do is HD or DVD-rom. Is it just me?
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    Maybe its too hot where you are ?

    I got a new DVD drive once, used it maybe half a dozen times, and it conked out, but then I lived in a place that was 30c+ all the time, and things got hot. (Sometimes above 55c!)

    Now I live in a cooler place, it never goes above 20c.

    As such, I'm hoping things don't break so easily. :-)
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    @Nanos yep, in Portugal temperatures go from - 5 negative (in Celsius) to 40, 42... So that can be it
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    Next time one of your friends ask for such thing, just give them my contact
    Rs. 5000 fuck man
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