Project Cortana: Day 56

*What I disliked*

Here is the rant where I described the project: https://devrant.io/rants/962190

Where do I start:

1. Skype: Horseshit. Fucking disgrace to chatting apps. Their mobile app feels like someone accidentally shat on android studio and uploaded in play store. Fucking garbage.

But, the desktop app on the other hand is great. Works well but uses a lot of CPU.

2. Edge: The mobile version is great, can't say the same for desktop version. It's definitely a bit slower than Chrome or Quantum. Lack of extensions never bothered me as the most important ones like uBlock, Ghostery and Lastpass is available.

3. Bing: Fuck that useless piece of shit.

4. OneNote: If you could wrap dogshit in a beautiful looking wrapping paper, you would get something similar to OneNote. The desktop app is almost non-fucntional but it is indeed very nice looking.

5. Promotional Apps: Fuck off Micro$oft. As mentioned by others, you get some shitty fucking games pre installed when you install Windows 10. Not only that, in the first couple of hours, it tried to install some further games while it's downloading updates. That is just horrible.

Everthing else was fine so far. The updates never bothered me. I got the "Restart" notification twice and I was able to change the time. It never forced anything on me.

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    Just saw your project and I love the idea ๐Ÿ™‚

    Are you using the Onenote app or office application? I haven't used the app in years but I've always found the office application to be pretty decent, preferred it over Evernote and others I tried ๐Ÿ™‚
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    Am I the only one who thinks that the skype app does not suck that much?

    I don't know if you know the old version but this I would call horseshit. Since the redesign it runs pretty smoothly now, at least on my phone. I mean its far from perfect but at least they fixed that. ^^
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    @irene Well the design was good I agree, but it was just very laggy on my phone. Whenever I opened a chat , I couldn't scroll up because it would always start on the bottom again for some reason etc.
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    Have you tried Office Lens?
    Quite helpful.
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    @irene correct me if I am wrong, but uBlock doesn't block trackers. It only blocks ads if I understand correctly.
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    @Jamoyjamie There is two onenote app: One from the store and one with office 365. The one of office 365 is fine, but the store one is really bad. Doesn't work at all.

    And yeah, I use the other office apps all the time :)
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    @deflox it's really bloted right now. I have two phones (one with quad and one with octa core) and it lags on both.
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    @Mitiko looks good! I will try out. Definitely gonna be helpful in uni.
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    @irene you're right. Thanks
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    @tahnik this is true by default, but you can block trackers in settings.
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