Wife: I got a Roomba for Christmas!

Dev Husband: oh.

Dev Husband *hours later* : Did you know it has an MQTT interface accessible over IP? I already wrote a NodeJS app to track if we need to empty the bin.

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    hahah 😄
    i guess your wife is good in rolling her eyes in despair.

    you could even send her a sms to notify when to empty the bin. 😉
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    Is it bad that I'm both of these? ☺
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    @Root You're a wife and a dev husband? ;P
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    @th31 facepalm emoji.
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    I'm about to be in the same situation. Got any hints? 😁
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    @Root So are you a roomba and a dev?
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    Well,time to integrate it with homeassistant
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    Which one? Is it good? We are also thinking about buying one.
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    @msander we got the 890 because we have carpet and three dogs... very hairy dogs. Its a challenge for Roomba to keep that much hair off the carpet, and gets full pretty often, but it does a great job.
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    @kgbemployee older models have firmware in the 1.x range, if you want to use the cloud API, I recommend that. If you don’t care , and are fun with local API access, newer models are cool. It seems to be MQTT queue based, so don’t expect an instant API response from the device all the time.
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    @juneeighteen nice! Thanks for the info.
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    It has MQTT? Like the USSD MQTT stuff from sim cards? Why did no one tell me yet?!?
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    @Wack For a downright quick test, this repo established communication and got me started:
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    Just read this off to my wife. She rolled her eyes and pointed at me. She knows the struggle
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    I would do this too!!
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    @th31 She's the Roomba.
    I kid 😄
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    Now I have to buy a Roomba
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