Who already used Electron to create desktop apps ?
Is it simple ? Some people tell me it's similar to react-native is it true ?

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    Imo Electron is not good for desktop apps due to waste of resources. Of course you get cross Platform level 100. But what is the price?
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    Yeah its simple but so is killing people
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    Its easy to make something.
    Its a bit more difficult make something good.

    Might need more resources than a native app but VS Code works without problems for me, especially compared to Chrome which its based on (technically chromium)
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    @notcool vscode slack and gitkraken use less than 5% ram I think it's true only with big apps
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    @Codex404 as every framework
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    Electron is useful.
    Electron is annoying.
    Electron is heavy.
    Electron is wasteful.
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    pfff. I use loads of them electrons to develop desktop apps....
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