How does WhatsApp earn money?

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    Being owned by facebook
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    They don't
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    Hamster wheel. They analyze, compile, and sell your messaging habits.
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    What @bahua said. Content is end to end encrypted, metadata isn't and you can often learn more about a person from metadata than from content.
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    They sell your shit.
    "There is no free lunch"
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    Don't they also have a yearly subscription of a few cents?
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    @Batburger Nope, removed that years ago
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    @linuxxx oh, good to know I guess😀
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    It's owned by Facebook so they mine data on you and are rather bad at covering it up.
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    Why would they have a reason to cover it up? Afaik, they're pretty overt about it.
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    @bahua Because they are doing things most people wouldn't agree with and have been caught on multiple occasions
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    I mean, I guess it's buried in legalese, but they do say clearly that we are the product.
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    By selling your soul
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    @IllSlapU I may be wrong and all these might not even be metadata but they sure can be sold to any interested corporate.

    - the habit of your text sending
    - the habit of your calling
    - the frequency and habit of your attachment sending
    Very basic data.

    More useful data
    - your country (from your phone number)
    - your profession or line of business (from your phone number and contacts)
    - your current location (from your connected ISP)

    All of those data are very useful and desirable for certain corporates eg: Telecom.
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    Remember, if you don’t see any obvious sign of income, you are the income. AKA your data
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    If you are not paying for a product, then you are the product.
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    @IllSlapU Metadata is the proof that a conversation happened.

    Sender, receiver, date, time, location, possibly ip address etc. So everything but the content.

    If I call (forgot the title of such persons) a person who helps woman through child birth, then call a doctor and then I'm on the phone with the hospital for half an hour, you don't need much content, the metadata speaks for itself.
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    @ArchLinux Yup, you often don't need the content, the metadata is mostly enough to gather intel on what's probably being said :/
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    @bahua Nobody argued that fact but it doesn't make it right, hell even some of it's execs have been whistleblowing on it's practices in social engineering.
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