Alright, I've had it. I was scrolling through Walmart when I saw a kititchen utensil holder with a BLUETOOTH SPEAKER? Who needs this? It probably doesn't even sound that good. I am getting tired of people slapping a Bluetooth speaker in random objects. Someone gave me a Bluetooth flower pot for Christmas. Why do you need a bunch of low quality speakers in random objects? I don't get it.

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    Is better

    With bluetooth


    ...except bluetooth
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    @Andi don't forget LEDs
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    @Archang3l Add a motion detector and make the plant pot shout "boo" every time someone walks past :D
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    "Patent pending" *sigh*
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    I TOTALLY want a Bluetooth flowerpot, are you kidding? Random music from my garden with no speaker in sight? Awesooome.
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    @Archang3l plants grow better with music right?! Myth busters said plausible so it’s a fact.
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    Do you ever get the feeling some product managers just troll maker forums for quirky side projects? While simultaneously not understanding the irony or quirkiness and just think, "yeah somebody out there would buy this".
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    You need IoT devices like this so the bots have somewhere to live while they send spam and mine cryptocoins.
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    I am tired of seeing people connecting everything to internet in the name of IoT. 😀
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    I was about to buy it for christmas, don't doubt something if you're not even going to buy it and give it a chance, could surprise you :p
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    But Bluetooth!
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    @Archang3l @Ezard @Root @jeeper
    I forgot to mention that everytime you touch the plant it plays a note of Happy Birthday and changes the light to a random color.
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    What abouth bluetooth teeth?
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