I just tried to connect on my own teletype portal 😂 And this is one of the best error messages I've seen lately 😂

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    mysql_real_escape 👀
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    @localjoost don't judge me, okay? It hurts more than you think...
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    @localjoost this is a final project for our Web Development lab and the professor is such a prehistoric douche that yelled at me just because I wanted to use the object oriented API and prepared statements...
    He'll probably yell at me for this too because he didn't say it in class but seriously, fuck this guy... I'm not letting this injectable.
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    @Kamaropoulos Ahh right. Yeah I've been working on some terrible prehistoric projects too, lately. Clients don't want to pay for something new...
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    @localjoost it's even more annoying when you make something from scratch and they won't let you use the latest techniques... Because then it's not because of money, it's because of plain stupidity...
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    Silently update to PHP 7 where this function is removed, and they will be forced to change :)
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    @arekxv Haha, it'd be a good idea but we have to upload and test our code on a server in the University soooo I'd either have to hack into it or accept my fate 😂😂😂
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    @arekxv the second option is more time efficient as I have to complete this and a few other projects in one week...
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    @Kamaropoulos if he refuse to stay up to date with the stuff he teaches, is he even qualified to be a teacher?

    While it may carry some value to learn the old ways, it should certainly not be enforced.

    I mean to be able to understand the ancient shit that seems everywhere in the industry.
    At least in PHP.

    Might come in handy.

    Personally, I'd probably give zero amounts of care and just tell him to deal with it, as it does the job?
    Then go for a walk, ask if he's cooled down when I'm back.
    If not, well I'm sure there's some convenient snack store i can go buy something sugary to calm his tits a bit.

    // Wife mode
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    I know those kinds of a teacher. I had to drop all tables on college server to finally convince them for to use mysqli with prepare and bind.
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    @marcus5914 I only need to say one thing: the login form on the website is injectable.
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