Nice try ad-people

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    Hahaha great catch
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    @1989 That's why it was an error
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    I'm a citizen of Counrty. We have great weather the whole year and bitcoin friendly banking infrastructure.
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    @saintograph And their citizens write their country name in curly brackets?
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    @1989 you clever boy
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    So the percentage was obviously a blatant lie and therefore the entire statement too. I LOATHE companies that make these kind of ads
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    @saintograph I also heard there are no cats in counrty, and the streets are paved with cheese
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    Also: why didn't they notice that or had some kind of tests?
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    OMG! I invested in Bitcoin and now I can't buy food because local shops don't accept them as payment method 😭
    Seriously, is Bitcoin still a thing?
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    Template handling as it's finest
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    Hey I am a Banker. I warn you not to buy bitcoin, so that I can buy it
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    What counrty are you guys from?
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    I saw an ad like that. It had three random people in the picture, said that they were startup, from my hometown and they were a billion-dollar corporation.
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