Apparently they didn't want to hear about my vulnerabilities I found because they blocked my IP address.

Seriously? I just wanted to do a disclosure of potential exploits / security issues

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    Scary hacker man is trying to give me a virus 😢
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    They probably scared bro
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    Less scary language will get you further, e.g. "Website issues"
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    Some may say the language being used is often too scary, but honestly, if their business and data are at risk, such language is usually necessary to communicate the urgency of the issue. For their sake, it's not a good idea to ignore a white hat
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    Maybe use the vulnerabilities against them to show them how big of a deal it is?
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    Then again, if your language is too scary, and that guy gets hacked, guess who they'll think did it. :/
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    I’ve encountered this before... They’re scared because they’re vulnerable yet when someone if the white hacker status tries to report it they get defensive. They want to know they’re vulnerable but don’t at the same time. They don’t like it when people tamper with their shit 😂

    Try to report it again, if they do the same thing, fuck ‘em... exploit the mother fuckers. (Jk jk... kinda)
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    Time for a zero-day 😂
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    It can be just as scary for us, as well.. to report said vulnerabilities. Why? Because, if on the off chance they hear you out; they are going to want to know why you were tampering with their shit in the first place instead of using it how it was designed. Then, when you decide to show proof of concept is when a lot of white hat hackers get bit in the ass. That is enough evidence to prosecute you. It’s dangerous both telling them and leaving it alone.

    You never know how they will take it, and that’s what sucks. And no, it’s not in my practice to exploit the vulnerabilities, I was simply joking.

    People need to feel comfortable reporting exploits. And users and business owners need to start accepting it because I guarantee you’d much rather a white hat get to these before the bad guys do.
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    @jhh2450 no that sounds like a terrible idea.
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