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    Dixie Normous...lol...🍌
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    Isn't that a character from the movies Austin Powers? 🙈
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    Try '; DROP TABLE idiots --
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    @irene instead of zip code it shld be cvv
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    Thought you need holder name as well.
    Are all fields required? Need a good excuse (like validation for sensitive historical data)

    Would be funny if you see your entry on the second run 🤣
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    They are trying to phish you
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    Link? I mean, I have to be sure if someone stole my credit card number!
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    @Mitiko I mean...surely we can help black box QA with all those doxxed CC nums on the dark web...lol. 🕵💳🍆
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    It wasn't in any of the databases, but you just made sure that it is
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