A new Android app I made went from 100-ish users to 0 due to a mistake in ProGuard config causing crashes upon an incremental update... I'm losing motivation.. devRant, what should I do to gain it back? :(

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    @skydeveloper, thanks for your suggestion.. I'm really devastated by the fact that I lost both users and the app's traction on Play Store.
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    @ridsatrio whats your bigest problem? your motivation to fix it or that you have now very few users and your're affraid that it won't be more after that incident?

    you may want to show us your app? (playstore link)
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    @heyheni, mainly seeing those drops in users and that my analytic tool showing that there's basically 0 new installs for the last couple of days.. It was gaining some traction with at least 5 installs a day and now there's none. Five per day is not a lot by any means but to see it went from having a progress to none is hard. :(

    It's a Q&A diary app, you're more than welcome to take a look: https://play.google.com/store/apps/...
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    @ridsatrio, downloaded it! Looks really promising! Will try it right away :-)
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    to bad i can't install it with my android 4.2
    But from what i can see your music tagging app you're quite talented app maker and people love what you do.

    my advice for dayri, pull it from the playstore, fix all bugs because thats also the main complaint on your music tagging app. Make the app look more branded like the dayri logo. Sell the benefits of writing dayri more prominent. Add a bonus system for longtime motivation like badges or your daily cat picture.
    and an extra, add an integration with fitness apps and the days weather.

    relaunch it and send it to womans magazines and blogs.
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    @ridsatrio, loving it! Feature requests:
    - Being able to view photos in full screen
    - Being able to add more than one photo to each entry
    - Being able to sort the order of entries
    - Being able to edit the questions

    Possible spelling errors (native english speakers, plz correct if I'm wrong):
    Whom did I meet -> With whom... or Who did I meet.
    What matters on interest -> What matters of interest

    Keep up the good work! 5 shiny stars from me ;-)
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    @siljamicke, @heyheni, thanks guys.. You've really lighten my mood up. At this moment I've completed the bugfix. It's just a couple of test away from release – I want to make damn sure I don't mess up this time 'round.

    About Taggr, yeah I made that years ago when I'm learning Android dev for the first time. One reason I haven't got back to it yet is because the new storage access API demands a rewrite on it. I might do it soon though.

    God how I love this community. Thanks again guys. <3
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    @siljamicke, thanks for those extra pack of feedback and suggestions! They have been included to my backlog. I will update you once they got into production! :D

    God, I can't seem to thank you guys enough. I hope you realise how amazing you guys are, caring this much to a stranger in need.

    Much love from the faraway islands of Indonesia. <3
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    @ridsatrio, likewise! It is fun to sit in Sweden on the opposite side of the globe and get to give instant real-time feedback to the dev of an app I will use!
    Btw, isn't it kinda late there now? Don't forget your beauty sleep ;-)
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