just rent dedicated server, now need learn Linux commands and stuff and read lots tutorials.. :|

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    Welcome to DevRant!
    Have you ever worked with Linux before?
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    I would recommend using a virtual one instead :)
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    ...or, before paying money to rent a server, learn the things you want to know with a virtual machine on your own machine.
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    @Linux @sudorm-rf What they said. It's fine to do this, let's get that straight but isn't a dedi a little too much for someone who wants to begin with Linux servers? I started with a vps myself and a few years later I'm renting a dedi, a few vps's and just bought a dedicated server :)
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    @marci010101 thanks. first time, but only through ssh :)
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    @Linux I used shared hosting before a lot, but things happened so now need more controll over server, like node or composer install and etc.
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    @sudorm-rf thanks. did that on windows wamp :)
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    I am not talking about shared hosting. A virtual server gives you compare control too - and without hardware issues.
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    Virtual server is like running a VM on you machine and it costs less than a dedicated.
    Get a Vultr dev server for 2.5$ or even better install virtual box and an Ubuntu server and mess around with it
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