Best debugger: a shower

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    And sleep too
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    shower + devDuck.
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    @XiovV haha yeah I was inspired by their post! I thought it was pretty funny but I also thought of showers being good debuggers.
    My hope is everyone makes a post of the best debugger in their opinion and then we would have a list of the best ways to fix your code :)
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    Shower is a LIFE DEBUGGER !
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    and worst debugger is vodka at 4 am
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    God, I was so confused. I though you said "shower" as in "he's a grower, not a shower". I didn't understand. Needless to say, I'm an idiot.

    Words are hard...
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    did you know that it was explicitly mentioned in the book "The clean coder" by Robert (uncle bob) Martin?
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