Alright, I’ve got a question for some of you who may have felt this way or currently are feeling this way.

I’m burnt out. I hate my job(s), I hate computers, technology, programming, etc. Honestly, at my primary job because shit is so bad, I haven’t even set an alarm clock to wake up in the mornings for the simple fact that I just don’t give a fuck anymore. My direct supervisor is the same way. This place is falling apart and honestly I’m welcoming it.

I’ve grown up with computers my whole life. When I was younger my brother would hack and tamper with shit just to test the limits. To see what he and his machine were capable of. My dad, he was always taking computers apart, anything that had a board, it was at one point taken apart to see how it worked, and when put together; always worked. They liked modifying and testing the limits of things... the shit I use to enjoy...

I guess what I’m trying to ask is, how do you gain a passion back for something that has faded away over a period of time... I truly hope I haven’t forever lost a passion for computers and every subclass under it, but I fear as though I have... How do you guys get it back?

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    I apologize for any errors in spelling or punctuation. Due to being sick, I’m heavily medicated and CBA revising.
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    I've been there

    Got laid off, was a blessing in disguise.

    Rested for a couple of weeks and started working on a new project and getting new skills

    being a full stack, ci/cd and devops was the next thing to optimise the workflow

    And i found a place that i liked very much

    If it wasn't for my supervisor leaving i would have stuck around

    Some people update their skills and do passive job hunting while still working, this way you get to be picky about your next "home and familly"

    Would be interested in hearing other approaches to solve the problem
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    @benderRodriguez Thanks for the response, I’m glad it worked out for you! I recently opened up my own business... and I hate to say it but some of the clients (not the bigger clients) but like home users, I have had a few of their devices for a month or two, and I just can’t make myself tend to it. As for the big clients, I go all out but I still dread it.

    I feel as though if I left my primary job and focused on my own business, I’d feel a lot better and actually get shit done. It’s the initial leap of leaving something steady that freaks me out. I don’t want to have these devices so long that I lose the name I’ve built for myself, but fuck... I’m exhausted and spread too thin.
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    Maybe all you need is a long vacancy it works wonder but it might be though due to the responsibility you have

    One thing I found is that productive people that love something can't sit idle or do less stimulating things in life

    So after that vacancy you might get the itch for the things your making

    It might also be work life balance too

    Last year we had crazy deadlines AND people leaving, i had to buckle up. Needless to say that i was exhausted and my interest dropped by the end of the year. Again long vacancy of doing absolutely nothing beside gaming (my thing) fixed that.

    Which you the best, i know how much it sux, one start to question a lot of things and have sever loss of confidence

    Just know it's fixable and you are not alone

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    Take a break :) Everything will work out.

    // Although above are just very simple and light sentences. I meant it in a very serious way.
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    Thanks everyone... I feel like it’s time to jump shit on this hospital gig and focus on me. But, before that a vacation is definitely needed.
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