friend: how do you create a game?
me: *laughing* slow down, first of all try to learn to code, then...
friend: cut the bullshit! your the IT guy, tell me, how you simply create a for e.x. Call of Duty?

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    lol, 3 to 5 years development time and 250 million dollars for call of duty
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    *points at unreal engine*

    So many guides, on YouTube etc that it seems like a good newbie start place lol
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    I'm not a game developer, but I pulled unreal and had a fucking blast for about a week.
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    @kevbost I stared blankly at unreal for about three weeks and still had no idea how to do anything in it
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    This happens to often to me. Dime people are stupid
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    Don't have enough hardware for unreal :(
    *sad violin music*
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