I usually work in a two person team on a hybrid application we are developing, using AngularJS and node.

This normally works okay, because he handles the back end (he's been on the project since January last year, I joined in August as a placement student), and I handle the front end.

However, due to Christmas holidays and such, he's ended up taking an entire month off, and won't be back until the end of January.

I've dabbled in back end before, some routes and that for SQL queries, but nothing serious.

Last Tuesday our core service for the application that needs to be updated in real time broke and pissed off the API provider because we were hammering them with requests.

My first day on back end and this happened. I didn't really know what to do, and had to call my teammate to ask what to do. I essentially just restarted things, and left them as is, until I could find a solution.

From there, I had to mock the operation of the service (which is a complex enough beast) to figure out the problem, and find a fix. Our app more or less hinges on this service, so if it messes up, it's the end times.
All of this while flying on what I've interpreted because the guy that's on holidays was the only guy that knows more about this project than I do.

To make things worse, the clients are being very particular because they're waiting on investments and don't have money to pay our company. So, if they're paying for 5 days work, they're going to put in 5 days of project development. The problem is that their interpretation of 5 days of project development has not changed from when there were two people on this project.

There are 40 tickets in this sprint (ends Friday) and 35 of them are assigned to me. Granted, not all of those take a day to do, but estimates don't mean anything, I guess.


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    I can relate the pain mate! :(

    Do post an update after Friday please.
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    @Farwa I survived the week, so that's nice.
    I got a fair amount done. Fixed the service (it's running fine as of now), and got some new functionality (Security Questions) implemented (back, front and in between).

    Sadly, the client didn't see it that way, as the sprint ended on Friday before I could test things in regression, so the tickets fell over to this sprint (and were cleared off on Monday morning before lunch).

    I had a 2 hour phonecall on Monday evening having him tell me how little work I had done, and how he was very disappointed in my efforts.

    As such, there are *only* 30 tickets in this sprint, some of which are massive tickets and will not get done, for definite.

    :' )
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