Newspaper: This CEO is one of the top entrepreneurs in the country, a true tech visionary shaping the future.

--- 3 months previous ---

Lead dev: O2 have said they are will pre-install the app on all their Androids but they need documentation from us.

CEO: documentation? on what?

Lead dev: Our unit test coverage, bugs found / fixed, security scan results, performance assessment, if and where its storing any data etc.

CEO: Ah were not doing any of that crap, bloody unit tests, its not necessary, tell them no.

lead dev: ..... eh ok

O2: *approved*

... true visionary, well done to everyone involved.

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    He gets shit done, though.
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    @freakko yes and no, so while it was pre-installed, it was very buggy and the sudden increase in users caused problems.

    Same kind of mentality with everything else too. Every time a new feature was discussed, we'd say we'd need 2 weeks, he'd give us 2 days, the result was absolute garbage.

    Getting to the end result as quickly as possible never really works, just opens more problems and issues later on
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    @practiseSafeHex Oops, I forgot to add </sarcasm>. Sorry 'bout that.
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