Translation: Husband who's addicted to video game, stabbed to death by wife.

When i heard about declaring video game addiction being a disease, i thought they meant it was because people died..but not like this!😂🤣😂

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    a bit late for 11of365. in which timezone are you.
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    @romangraef gmt+8. That 11 is for the 11th of 365 rants im planning this year. Not necessarily 11 day of the year.
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    but also: one rant per day..
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    @romangraef yeah..about that..i am behind 2 rants now on my rantaday.had an offthegrid wkend last wk. But I'll catchup. Hopefully
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    Was he playing a shadow priests in wow?

    Then he got betrayed by his wifu-knifu
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    wow I just noticed only now, that it's that long ago, that you promised to rename yourself, if you're not "noisyass" and ranting once a day
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