I am a android developer. Mostly use java. I'm about to Develop an API for our next app. What should i use : php or python?

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    @NoMad will definetly take a look on node.js.
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    You mostly use java? .net core should be easy for you.
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    @abcdev @NoMad if you want to check out laravel, check out lumen, its laravel without the bloat, made for API development.
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    If you are a Java developer why not use Java?
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    The server guys in our project use Play framework to develop API's and the overall feedback from them is good. Since you're already familiar with Java, do check it out: https://www.playframework.com
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    Node.js is definitely.....relative. Laravel is a good framework in PHP though. In my opinion it's easier to learn the MVC pattern in Laravel as well. The same can bet said about .NET core as well. Depending on the complexity I would consider those options as well
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    @NoMad no, do not use Nodejs. That is extreme pain. Use go and thank me later
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    @NoMad Don't write JavaScript though. If you go down the node rabbit hole, directly start with TypeScript.
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    In the end, language doesn't matter much.

    Look out for the ecosystem and dependencies that fit your needs. (That's why I'm still annoyed by the whole nodejs hype. The whole library situation is still a mess around nodejs. And no, express.js is no framework.)

    PHP, despite all the hate and flame it recieves, gets the job done. It has nice frameworks, e.g. symfony / Silex.

    Python also is very decent. Django is a nice, mature framework. I have also built some prototypes with bottle.
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