Instead of receiving a motivation in 2018, my boss decided to go anti mainstream and started with demotivation speech.

He started with how good we were last year even when he wasn't around. Well done team! But after that, it went downhill.

We were asked to work even harder, we got new policy (no unpaid leave, no paid overtime, minimum 40 hours working, etc) which some of them make sense and some don't, a specifically set break time (apparently to shut down smokers for smoking at random times), and warning for not being punctual.

And pay rise only after end of financial year.

To make it worse, we are not allowed to take naps or watch youtube on our desk on our breaks.

I seriously wonder what happened during his Christmas NY break. I'm not an entrepreneur so I have no idea if that is a right way to run a company or if Australia government just created new law. But surely I know this is when I say "New year, new company"

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    So to get people to work harder they take away any freedoms and motivation and replace with rules and demands. What a bunch of corporate cunt bandits, they have just signed the death of their company, in the end only the brown tongues will remain and the company will fold. Leave as soon as is comfortably possible.
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    AAA+ boss. m(
    Good luck job-hunting.
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    "Fuck you im leaving."
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    @Nanos we have a recliner chair that used to be placed in a nice place. Due to renovation and stuff, they placed it in a hallway where people pass that place to go to kitchen and toilet. Obviously we can't take a nap in that area, yet they want us to nap there.
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    @helloworld @IllSlapU @nin0x03 @PrivateGER thanks man. wish me luck on job hunting.
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    @matt961 as long as overtime isn't officially required. Unpaid overtime done because the employee "wants" to despite knowing they won't get paid is legal AFAIK
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    @matt961 in all sorts of development, especially game development, they push devs to do that overtime by putting unrealistic expectations on them that require it. They make the whole place feel like that's just normal and you're lazy/ungrateful/incompetent for not wanting to do it. It's a big problem in the industry.
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