Devs online be like "I started learning to code when I was 2 years old and submitted my first application at 5, since then I've made a few simple apps and pull in 2 million a day, not much but it pays the bills"

So discouraging to come up with a novel idea for a simple product and spend a lot of time just to realize you're absolutely lost and severely lack the knowledge to even produce a working product of any sort. All the while some kid makes something "simple" 10x more complex than what you failed to do, and in like a day nonetheless.

How do people just pick up so much knowledge so quickly? How do they just figure out information they couldn't have possibly known like it's intuition?

Life is hard man.

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    I started coding when I was around 15 and I spend around 20 hours of free time each week working on projects I do because of interest not because I’m told to, so I become one of the best in my college and for me it’s enough to know that I code because I love it. If there are kids out there who are better than me it’s okay. Don’t get discouraged buddy, keep on coding !
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    @R3zz0R When I was that young I couldn't have found sitting at a screen and quietly doing logic puzzles to be any more boring. What happened to sex, drugs, and rock n roll? :(

    I'm working to become better but I'm pretty far behind guys that got an early start. How kids enjoy something that can be as dry as computer science can be... I just didn't have the motivation for it I suppose
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    It does not matter bro, don't let it discourage you.

    There are always going to be people that are better at something than us.

    In the end, what really matters is what you do woth it.
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    @Alice that’s why I lost two years at school... but with 17 my mind changed and now I’m doing pretty well 😅
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    Just focus on becoming better always. Years of experience doesn't always matter.

    Alice has 2 years of experience.
    Bob has 1 year of experience 5 times over.

    So while Bob been coding for 5 years, I'd choose Alice.
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    I started coding two years ago when I was 23 and now i teach java for a living I see kids who know artificial intelligence tensor flow machine learning and stuff I get insecure like wooah wtf when I was your age I was trying to muster the courage to talk to girls and here we have machine learning guru 5 years younger than me
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    I've started late. At age 23. No I'm 29
    There will always be someone better than me.
    But I find it exciting!

    This can only mean I could continue develop myself
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    @g-m-f i do tend to get a little jealous, but only becahse I'm struggling a little financially and really crave to make something of value
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    "Comparison is the thief of the joy."

    This new generation was born using technology, so it feels natural to them to spend so much time using it and experimenting. Also, they have more access to free content education than before. I saw the Internet grow, and I remember the old times when Google didn't even exist. It was really difficult to have so much tech knowledge at home at the time.

    But hey, be happy with all your improvements! Congrats yourself and keep going. There is space for everyone.
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    @Crazed you’ve answered your own question. The people you refer to got great because while you were up “sex drugs and rick and roll” they were in the house, learning.
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    @SSDD I mean I get that, I'm just curious if I should feel bad for not going all the way to one side or the other. I partied a little, and I learned a little, but didn't divulge myself in either completely. I guess I don't really know if that's reasonable.
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    Maybe those programming geniuses wonder how you got so good at sex, drugs and rock 'n roll
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    @Krokoklemme to be fair, so do I
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    @Crazed I can't give advice for getting good at sex, but with drugs it's pretty easy :P

    And with the drugs comes the rock 'n roll, so that's two birds with one stone
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