The windows/microsoft fanboy I've ranted about multiple times.

- wouldn't use anything except for windows. Even if required for a project (I would if really needed, have done that a few times already)
- refused to use any framework/language not written by Microsoft
- tried to get other projects to use windows/.net when it wasn't required and it was only linux/php guys (and that fit the projects perfectly)
- ONLY wanted to use Skype and whatsapp. Always bragged about how he had 10gb of Skype history.
- didn't want to use anything related to linus torvalds or open source because 'those are open source and have no business model so they're bad'

And then: he suggested the use of windows server right after one was hacked (windows vuln that wasn't patched yet) which caused the devops guys to want to install a new Linux server for it.
Even the windows sysadmin pointed to the door when he said that and gave him a huge 'GTFO' face cD

Yeah, fuck him.

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    Play a joke on him. Get a distro that boots up from a USB stick, switch the order in his bios and profit.
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    Did you not say that there where no Windows dudes at your work?
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    Maybe inform him that the business model of Linux/OSS is to provide businesses and end-users with software (and hardware) that can truly control, both literally and from a business model standpoint. This is why the big names that do embrace OSS use it and sometimes support the community... Not because they care but it affords them the ability to use, and to some degree, control the direction of a project. Rather than licence it yearly and adjust their business to what one large company (M$) dictates for them. At my old job we did use one Win server for intranet email/AD because it seemed the easiest route to work with the Win workstations. But the other 3 servers ran Linux and did all the outside-facing and mission critical stuff aside from OL/AD. With money saved in yearly licencing we paid for those extra Linux machines that all together ran more efficiently than the bloated Proliant server with Windows, haha. It amazes me how people can be against an idea that is based in good.
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    @Linux My last internship!
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    Well, Microsoft *does* contribute a lot to open-source software, I wonder what he thinks about that...
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    @linuxxx Did you ask him what he thinks of Git?
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    @Krokoklemme yeah, and not really just "a lot" :P

    He might also have a thing or two to say about this very official picture of Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ;)
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    @aaxa I never told him, he used git xD
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    @linuxxx Haha, blasphemy 😂
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