Somebody please help! I need help drawing a custom shape in my fragment.


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    That's the kind of question nobody knows what's it all about and gets downvoteed eventually. Embed the picture directly, add sketch of what you would like to archive (including some context, not just the bg)
    And try to reword to be more precise. Right now I have no clue what you want to use fragments for, as far as I know these aren't used to draw backgrounds or similar
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    Pretty sure you should be able to do that using 2 drawables (1 for the curve, 1 for everything else) combined together into a single drawable, which is set as the background of the fragment's view
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    @Kimmax ok well I don't have enough rep to embed a picture. Also I stated what I need it for. Here's what I said, "I am creating a custom fragment that will serve as a custom navigation drawer that slides from the bottom." If you don't understand what I mean just be quiet and don't comment. People like you are the reason I don't ask questions on SO.
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    @Ezard thanks that's what I figured, but I'm having some trouble trying to find out how to do that in code. This is my first time handling custom drawables and the canvas. The docs aren't super clear and there aren't many tutorials out there.
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    @OutdatedPC get stolen buddy
    You're not telling me when to comment and when not, I'm a free human, you know? My apologies for trying to help you.
    It's totally okay that you didn't liked my opinion, but that's no reason to get all pissy t(-_- t)
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    @OutdatedPC You shouldn't need to use a canvas :)
    Compound drawables are your friend, I believe!
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