Ideia: Making money creating apps with publicity

Hey guys.
So I would like to know some stuff that I bet lots of devs would like to know too.
If it's possible to work from home doing apps /web pages and get enough income to be able to sustain a life without working for someone else.
I already have a job but it's a great ideia for anyone unemployed, students, anyone who wants to work from home.
If you have an app or site generating money can you provide your personal input?
Thank you in advance

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    So, as for me I placed one app I already had in the playstore just to learn how to do it.
    It's really basic, " AI2 Downloader - QR-code ", first post was in March 2017, got 2100 installations, 590 active installations and gave me 5.4 euros (like 5 dollars).
    That's 1 dollar for 100 active users. Or one dollar for 450 installations.
    Has 1 banner ad from Google
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    @RodrigoF so, 5€ in one year with 1 app. For that to be enough to live by you would need a lot more apps and/or a lot more users.
    Don't forget that a lot of people use ad blockers, so maybe you'd be profiting more by giving a premium version of your apps.
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    @shellbug Yah, but it's an app that I didn't expect any downloads...
    And my second App is stuck for now (while i treat my burn out)
    That's why I'm asking people with more experiencie...
    Now, If I got 5€ for 2100 users.. would I get 500€ for 200k users? Or doesn't it skale that clearly?
    That's the kind of questions that only people who already have aps with ads (or webpages) can say...
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    Well... Guess no one here makes their living making apps... Or are just afraid everyone else starts doing the same lol
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