Building templates for a new design system.

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    What program is that?
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    @Dacexi sketch is only for mac and i love it.

    but if you're on win or linux i would recommend to have a look on www.figma.com which is a web based interface design tool.
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    @heyheni damn I wish there was something like wine but for Mac apps, so many awesome programs are Mac only :/
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    @Dacexi If you’re on windows there’s adobeXD. Im not super familiar with Linux so I’m not sure if there’s an adobe port or not.
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    @Dacexi yeah, sketch was the reason I had to buy a macbook. As a designer there is nearly no way around it.
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    @heyheni that was a nice tip, thanks
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    @heyheni I usually just end up designing in code, even when I was using Adobe xd on Windows. Idk it just works for me + you're done when you've designed it :P
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