I received 2 job offers:

1: c++ / c# / unity developer for a VR studio, tons of vr visors and shit to use

2: python / Java/somethingelse developer for machine learning, iot, big data

Offer n1 is from a small business 35 employees - casual outfit
Offer n2 is from medium/big business with 100-200 employees - suit and tie for all.

Same economic offer, 2 different and divergent paths on different but trending topics.

What do you choose and why

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    Meh, depends on what you want to work in I guess. Personally I prefer Machine learning over VR but I also prefer a startup ambiance to a big company life.

    I guess I'd choose the first tho
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    What pays the most? And idgaf what ninjas say about thinking about money is wrong and shit, got a family.
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    vr is something that's easier to do as a hobby. i'll would do machine learning. Because you can apply that knowledge later to vr if you like.
    And i guess machine learning pays better. VR is like the film business you work really hard to get clients who have the budget to something cool.
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    Well less people better collective makes you happy and happiness produces high quality code.
    And if the option 1 is good paid I know 2 option could be paid better idk then choose option 1.
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    Option 2. No pointers.
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    I hate companies who make devs wear a fucking suit.... I guess the bugs are more elegant that way!

    And personally I have lost any trust in startups and the people who run them.


    I'd say go with your gut feeling from the interview.

    Which one had more knowledgeable people?
    Which one was at your level(not too easy not too hard)?
    Which environment felt better?
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    I have nothing against Java, but I would be very interesed in working with C++. Being told I need a suit and a tie would turn me off a job instantly. It tells me volumes about their culture (none of it good). Right now I'm walking about my office in socks.
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    Unity development sounds interesting, but it also might end up a total waste of time, on a studio that produces nothing and teaches nothing, that might easily fail and look for scapegoats, that you might end up being.

    What do we say to suit and tie however?
    - No, thanks

    Are you sure it's so strict? I've never seen any of the following people in a suit and tie: like ever, not even at their marriages:
    1. Python devs
    2. Data scientists

    If yo do see one, please post a picture of that rare specimen.
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    C# > Java... just sayin
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    Vr is fun unless you constantly make simple walkaround object type client work. Fun to come up with solutions for different problems in VR, if the projects are exciting ans challenging as it's a new era. We have several visors and I touched only vive because of the internal deadlines. I'd ask what type of projects you will be working on.
    I dont know about Java, python world.
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    tech mentor, a C# zealot and avid java opposer, once told me: "at the end of the day - code stacks don't matter. What matter is never to trust a developer in a suit. They're always trying to sell you something you're better off not buying"
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    @manFrame this. Hearing "largeish company that uses Java" sounds like a recipe for disaster (factories)
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    I'll say it all depends on the work environment and the team you'll be working with. I mean I believe you had a sense of how both job environment when you went for the interview. I got 4 offers being 3 permanent hire and 1 as temp to hire. The one I chose had a great environment and team mates. Fortunately, their pay was better than the others too. 😁😁
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    @AndSoWeCode thought for a moment about posting a selfie with only jacket and tie but in socks without trousers 😋
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    @justwellbrock that would count as a doctored image. I need a photo of a specimen in its natural habitat.
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    @AndSoWeCode well, I doubt that something like that exists.

    Even if you receive such picture, how could you be sure that it's not fake? You would need some certified third-party validation or the signed word of a trusted professional.

    </shittalk> 😅
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    I had a new offer from the ML company, and is much better compared to the VR company.
    I Think tomorrow I'll call suit and tie (lol) company :)
    thank you all for your support, I really appriciated your evaluation :)
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    You should establish yourself then and if they need you break the ties and force them to wear relaxed stuff 😉
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    And good luck of course! I hope it'll suit you
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