Uhn.... yeah

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    That's... Not right. Google must have pulled the wrong number from the page.
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    ya see this does not make sense.
    havent y'all heard it takes 7 minutes for light from the sun to get to earth.
    well, a light year is how far light travels in a year, so if this were true it would take light 15.81 years to get here. this cant be true.
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    Did Google find Earth2.0?
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    shit you're right
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    @starless your name makes me doubt your ability to proof that.

    EDIT: But your bio says something different.😆
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    @calmyourtities yes. That is the joke.
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    isn't the joke that for encountering the error, someone had to google that info instead of just going "yeah, that's 8 light-minutes, of course!"

    i mean... isn't it a basic info on level with being able to name the planets?
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    We are all have been lied, the earth is flat, the sun is in 15 light years away!!😫😫😫
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    @610r I think according to most flattards it's about 3000 miles away..?
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    Seems to be fixed now.
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    @sslPoodle that's sad
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    Could not reproduce the bug
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