So I just got out of a meeting where "like a YouTube for x" and "it isn't that complicated, just storing videos, documents, etc..."
Were used in the same sentence.

I'm already updating my resume.

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    @AlexDeLarge hahahaha "large bite out of their larynx" loved it

    And I feel the same, I fell like that "perpendicular red lines" video where the expert tries to explain and people keep mocking him...
    Its fucking disgusting...
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    Well, to be fair, what makes it complicated isn’t what it does so much as it is the logistics of serving that large of a user base. That’s the real art of engineering in a site like YouTube, Netflix, Dropbox, etc.
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    @agaskins yeah, and I keep imagining the fucking pile of shit that the meetings are gonna be with requirements changing from sprint to sprint , in the middle of sprints and after planning the sprints...
    Because that's what our managers excel at.
    They are mind changing masters, they can't plan shit :)
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    @azous yup, that’s what upper management does... they have the power to just shit out ideas until it’s ‘right’ because they don’t have to do any work to create the things. I long for the day when people realize how useless they are and we can perfect a new society based on the model set forth by successful open-source projects and communities...
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