Java interested folks.

I recommend reading Effective Java by Joshua Bloch.

It's worth reading.

Even James Gosling praised this book.

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    @namenlossss for 2nd edition, it should be easily available online.
    For third edition, it is little hard to find one.

    Btw, I just bought it. A must have book in my library.
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    @theScientist as mentioned in the book. It's not for learning Java like cookbook.
    It assumes one is well aware of Java.

    It's very practical based.
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    @theScientist it's quite useful when writing production code that can have large impacts.
    And if you work on a project where you can parallely apply some of the items, then even that's a great learning.

    Recently, I learnt that enum are based way to implement singleton because it is thread safe, 1 instance even after serialisation and even reflection can't do any damage to it.
    Then, I got the concept of having immutable classes and objects.

    Still way more to learn. Bought it this week only.
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    Java tho...
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    Its a really great book. Dense as it requires one to have a good level of understanding of the language. Definitely not for beginners but by far my favorite Java book :) have fun man!
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    I've read the second edition and now I'm eagerly waiting for the 3rd edition to be available in India.
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    Effective Java, page 1:

    Page 2:
    Table of contents:
    Page 1..................... Effective Java
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    So I have a question about java: isn't it a problem dat java programs don't run natively and require java to be installed? I can understand people don't want to install another program when they want to run your app.
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    What about Ryan Gosling, did he like it?
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    @Jifuna you can ship the JRE with your applocation, as long as you follow their license. In fact, IDEs like IntelliJ usually ship a (potentially even a modified) JRE, so that you can run them without downloading anything else.
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    Have it as an ebook. Worth reading, definitely, if you already have a good level of understanding of the language. I do not recommend it for beginners. I don't think beginners start with writing an API. Nevertheless, give it a try. After month of coding in Java, maybe read clean code first. After some years of experience, try effective java.
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    @aritzh Ah, I understand. Thank you
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