Well.. JavaScript has said so I guess..

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    Same goes inverse.
    Guess that makes us equal :)
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    HOWEVER, she is NOT just a number!
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    Proof that IT is corrupted with sexist tropes right at it's core, we need to deconstruct every piece of technology and replace it with new and improved feminist circuitry capable of respecting whamen while advancing gender equality through invasive passive aggressive subroutines that aren't totally malware, like, literally.
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    @jAsE I'm not promoting it, my reply was just a hyperbole of how backwards I see the current tenants of feminism to be, a form of parody. I actually agree with you.
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    @jAsE I am more inclined to equality of opportunities for all no exceptions, I think where feminism lost it was trying to establish equal outcome to equal opportunity.
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    @irene yes, but devRant is about humor and this is just a joke, lol
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    @jAsE About equality and most such social concepts, I recommend Sapiens: A brief history of humankind. Great book.
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    @Lahsen2016 true, it's just that feminists, which are made memes about are all like women are better than men. I do not respect that at all because it really puts down the term "feminist".

    I am all for equal rights, I just don't support raping a serious term to the point it's laughable. But after all memes and serious talk should be split up
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    @Lahsen2016 well unfortunately for the movement those ugly feminists are the most vocal and the ones pushing for flawed laws, so...it goes without saying that feminism is beyond help right now.

    Feminism likes to tell you that the patriarchy is oppressing but you are a strong independent woman who needs no man, but you still need men to enact quotas for you. See the heforshe movement. It's just filled with inconsistencies, a symptom of any decaying movement.

    You should see the gender wage gap debate between Jordan Peterson and Cathy Newman, I found it entertaining.
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    @Lahsen2016 the "less whites are killed by police than blacks" thing is wrong (according to US stats), especially because whites outnumber blacks in america
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    @jAsE hint: if in these kinds of psychotic rants you see "whamen" or "wimins", it's someone parodying feminism. if it uses correct spelling of women, it's just the normal deal of sincere feminism unintentionally but inevitably parodying itself ;)
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