Hey guys! From a Ruby on Rails Restful API programer’s perspective which should I learn? Scala or Golang? Why do you like Scala/Golang? Do you use any frameworks? Why should I choose Scala over Goland or vice versa?
Many thanks! o/

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    I like Golang, because it is very simple. There aren't a lot of language features to worry about, so it doesn't take long to learn. This means I can focus on the problem instead of the language. It's statically typed and compiled. It has good features for concurrency. I had a go at the cobra framework for making command line applications.

    I haven't used Scala. I have heard it is a big language (many features). My personal preference these days is for languages with relatively few features like Golang, Smalltalk, and Scheme.
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    Try C; the other languages will open up to you after.

    Build a simple Command Line tool with C then look at other languages with new eyes.
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    Probably Scala, you can use it with java and i think it has more support, but thats from me and i use golang
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    If you want to be on the JVM I'd rather take Kotlin than Scala. And Spring is a quite nice framework.
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    Go(lang) had a very nice inbuilt net/http package. Its an ideal language to try and make API, it has many nice frameworks like gorilla, gin, etc. that simplifies the process even further.

    I have never used Scala but getting your head around the functional style is difficult than just getting started with Go.

    The imerative way will feel a lot like home coming from Ruby.
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    @saintograph for a Restful API?? I think I’ll spend too much time learning C’s nuances than building the API. (Did learn a little bit of C a while back ago).
    Your answer did surprise me...
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