When u get irritated with update reminder..😂

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    I update because I want to keep my system as secure as possible ;)
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    Yeah agree but only when you have security patch update or kernal update,but maximum time you are going to get feature update... It sucks when you do some important work!!urgh!!
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    @Ashutosh Then you postpone it until you have half an hour of spare time ;)
    My system can't update without my password anyways!
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    Usually the oposite for me.
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    Windows: Totally the red part!
    Linux: Ooooh look new features! (I have to say its fun updating stuff under Linux)
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    @linuxxx when do you update then? Very early adopters of updates are at elevated risk of experiencing undiscovered security bugs, which decrease security. This means there is a sweet spot between 'release time of the update' and 'never'. Do you always update as soon as possible?
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    @eeee I've usually only got the stable repo's. And yeah running apt update is the first thing I do every day :) usually finished after 20ish seconds.
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