Every day in the office kitchen I find bottles of milk open and left out, in the fridge with no date, and empties everywhere. Yesterday I found 11 open and partially used bottles of milk. I’ve designed this flow chart to help educate people (in a way developers can understand) on how to manage milk which is apparently a real challenge for some.

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    🤣🤣🤣 this is so funny
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    Unless they drink from the bottle. You should add an exception for that.
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    @matsaki95 We Label when we opened it so we can identify milk that’s been open for a while and maybe should be thrown away. These cartons are UHT so the clock really starts ticking when they’re opened.
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    @endor hmm ... how do you throw in a flow chart ?
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    @sslPoodle You’re right, this isn’t idiot proof yet.
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    This an amazing ideas which help the developers to understand it fast 😂
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    Where do you live that people drink that much milk?
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    Also, you gotta throw another exception in case there are NO bottles in the fridge.
    Or at least add a "Are there any bottles of milk in the fridge?" between "Did you check? -> Yes" and "Open a new bottle"
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    @endor Background: the milk is stored outside the fridge in crates. It’s UHT so unrefrigerated. But yeah procedural code would be nice too!
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    @mroach You forgot to check the date on the open bottle now two things are going to happen:
    1. People are going to drink bad milk and put the blame on you
    2. People are going to notice the milk is bad and put it back into the fridge.
    Either ways there is chaos at the end...
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