"Professor, my if loop isn't working!"
IF LOOP!?!?!?!! 😫🔫

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    Classic. There is even a site in Germany for this topic.


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    I don't know y!
    I always tend to say if-else loop

    I thought its only me, who is telling if loop
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    Label aaaaa

    If not something
    Goto aaaaa

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    {% for something in somethingElse if bob %}

    ...would that work? :D

    Twig templates.
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    Maybe, just maybe, (s)he meant while loops. Because of the similarity in syntax
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    @Makenshi Aaalter if-schleife wasssss?! Oh man ich muss raus :))
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    @Nawap they aren't loops, they are conditional statements. for and while are loops because they repeat; if-else statements do not.
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    Which language? Maybe he/she is writing in basic and does a "goto" after an if, directly before the if again, until the if is false.

    Soooo....you can basic-ally say there are if-loops :D

    Internally loops do this all the time.
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    Def event()
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    Correct him.If he does it again, highfive him in the face with a steel chair ;)
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    @gears how to get an overflow 101
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    Well why not just use while loops for everything. It will make your code way more robust as one mistake will cause infinite loop. 🤣
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    while ( condition ) {
    // this is an if loop.
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    Well techincally you could make a loop with if's..

    Just throw a goto into it..
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    // I call it if loop

    if (true) for (;true;) { }
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    bunch of noobs, use goto loops :D
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    if ( check_condition() ) {
    goto mark;

    It's an if loop 😂
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    @Phlisg Twig/Volt for the win
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    @localjoost except when a CMS makes it the "language of choice" to front-end devs like me, they closed-source their CMS and only leave access to views. I have to do logic in Twig :(
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    I thought this was an if loop ..
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    If can be a loop if use it recursively.😒
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