You have a beard. You are in a restaurants toilet. The beard likes to eat half of the meal itself. You want to clean your beard, so you sprinkle your beard. Now its clean and beautiful. Then you realise - there is only one of those air dryers. You are screwed.

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    Don't have a beard but I can imagine 😂
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    Make two synchronous calls to the airdryer. #Solved Dev style.
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    I imagined having a beard and sprinkling baby powder into it. Not sure that's what you meant 😅
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    I know the feeling man, I've been there *sniff sniff*
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    How about learning to eat properly?
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    @luckbot come on didn't you know that beards also eat, and they can be used for food storage, or so i've been told
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    That's why I got rid of mine and stayed with a mustache!!
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    @jpichardo died at the word food storage 🤣

    But yeah. It's all true. I've also an eagle living in my beard. He needs food too.
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    @Root I meant more like being really careful and classy while washing the beard. I don't want to look like a wet Poodle. 😉
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    @luckbot tried that. Failed at it. 🙄
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    @cha-m-ra I have to admit, this is classy. I like that.
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    @justwellbrock 😏😉
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    @justwellbrock haha, yeah that's my best excuse for whenever accidents happen
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