I am going to school again for like 4 days from tomorrow (don't ask me why, blame the government) and I feel a bit depressed. I just don't know what I have done in the last 2 years.

What I learned:
- Bunch of stupid facts from devRant
- C# stuffs
- Games are expensive
- Music production

And.... that's it, tbh

I don't really have "PERSONAL PROJECTS" that everyone is bragging about, I just have bunch of empty projects with a cool name but just Program.cs in it.....

I am worried of what to do now.

I just feel I made the wrong choice going with C#.

I just feel I should have went with JS.
With JS, you can do
- React Native + Cordova + Titanium + etc and make native android/ios/wp apps
- The WWW stuffs
- Electron --> Cross platform desktop apps (win/mac/linux)
- UnityScript (deprecated, but whatever) --> Games

So, what I am seeing now is a thick fog in the way to my future + career etc.....

I am stuck rn.

Please help.

Should I continue with my pace and learn more C# and the things I do rn, or change the language and start from scratch, or as a last resort, leave the "make stuff by coding" industry and go to music industry, or just go to the airport and do planespotting and upload in youtube to earn money?

Serious advice please, and no jokes about C# and JS. These languages may suck, but YOUR language may suck more.

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    Choosing a different language won't help you with finding new ideas. I think a lot of stuff people do in PHP + javascript, can also be done in a Microsoft oriented development environment (asp + typescript?). Language is important, but secondary. Primarily you need a good idea, enthusiasm and knowledge of the basic design patterns
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    Watch this YouTube clip: https://youtu.be/hOr_atsxQ84

    It's called the dangers of choosing the wrong programming language. To sum it up though, there is no wrong programming language to learn. Some may take longer than others to master but if you keep at it you'll be able to create masterpieces in C# or JS whichever you feel more comfortable learning if I could recommend something though dont stop learning I really wish I didn't stop when I started a few years back, I can imagine where I would be.

    Keep at it and I'm sure it'll pay off.
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    Also, don't take it all so seriously... Do you really need to go back to school or can you just invest some spare time in maintaining a hobby project in a different language? I'm learning python by doing, since the beginning of the month, and it's going alright!
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    you can make money spotting airplanes at airports? that sounds way cooler then sitting behind a desk plowing a keyboard, do that!
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    Ditch c#, go with java and dont fucking talk about js.
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    I used to feel pressured to do the career thing. Wasted a bunch of money going to classes, dropped out. I work at a computer repair shop now, make enough to pay off debt in a few years, and just program in my free time. I consider dropping out of society and being homeless just to have more time to program. It's all I care about in this world (:

    I'm a weirdo, though.
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    If you want to make native android and ios apps maybe you can go for xamarin using c#, also the people who made c# made it very similar to java, if you know c#, java will look familiar to you, don't give up! You can do it
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    Relax. Even if it might feel like that, everything you learnt with C# is not time wasted.
    Also, if you want to learn JS, go ahead and do it, it's a vast field, yes, but you'll find some point to start. Why limit yourself to C#?

    It's a good thing to have an idea about your future and career, but you don't have to have it figured out into the details because that just will kill creativity later on.
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    At the end of the day c#, js, PHP, java, who cares. These are just tools. You can build something awesome with any of them. I used to do full stack PHP, now I'm full stuck js, c#. If I had to choose which I think is easier to actually make a product that does something useful I'd say c#. If it were for a small app that I want to get built quickly then js. Why we all get so bugged down with buzzwords and hipster languages?
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