Webpacker works on branch master.

Webpacker doesn't work on the "back-end" branch.

I didn't touch anything javascript related between the branch's creation and now.

Why. Why why why why why.

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    Guessing JS Webpack.
    Make sure your package.json files are the same and try to remove package-lock.json and run npm i.
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    @Dacexi I solved it. Somehow, anything I could do in a "application.js" file was ignored. So I renamed the file, and now it works. What the actual fuck.
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    @Drillan767 hmm very strange. Awesome that you solved it at least!
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    @Dacexi same but I lost so much time finding this out 😂 I opened an issue to Webpacker telling them all this, I hope I won't have this issue again 😅
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