When your legacy IT department does everything in its power to prevent a migration to AWS because it isn’t secure.

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    Have you seen all that malicous traffic that comes from AWS servers?
    And the abuse department is crap too.
    Self hosted is better.
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    @Linux I guess we all have our views. I’ve come from a company with a huge online presence and we were AWS all the way. Never had an issue.

    Now at new company with servers hosted in a building somewhere in the city. Lots and LOTS of problems.
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    What kind of problems?
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    @Linux can’t deal well with traffic spikes, ram and box issues (needing to ask someone who asks someone who asks someone to get resource). Having to take whole systems down when a physical move is required. The usual.

    Previously if we needed something we just dialed it in ourselves. If we were moving offices.. our infrastructure wasn’t.

    Also AWS is way cheaper.
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    AWS is not always cheaper. :)

    Also, sounds like a problem that wont go away only because you move stuff to AWS. Most likely you wont be able/allowed to do that much anyway.
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    My company migrated to a lot of MS stuff recently and was discussing quote for moving our data as well, but what MS rep came up with surprised even him. We won't be migrating with that any time soon, unless cloud gets some extremely drastic price reductions.

    So maybe for small stuff it is ok-ish not to have your own servers, but enterprise level I really doubt.
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